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Last updated September 2023

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Tom Nurkkala — Dr. Tom Nurkkala
Professor at Taylor University
David is a talented software developer whom I have known for about four years both as my student and my colleague. Speaking both as a professor and software professional of 30+ years, David ranks among the very best young software engineers I have known. Were I still in industry, I would not hesitate to hire him as a key member of my technical staff. I recommend him wholeheartedly as a skilled, motivated, and affable software developer of the highest caliber.

Projects (Click on images for a larger view.)

LoanTrac - an internal webapp for organizing the data of a microlending group

LoanTrac is a data management tool envisioned by Adam Hoeksema for the Flagship Enterprise Center microlender. For over two years now I have taken Adam's weekly requirements and implemented them into an app that has helped optimize more and more of their business processes.

  • Built with Django and the Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework
  • Deployed to a Linode running Arch Linux
  • Includes features for data management, client email notifications, time tracking, and advanced reporting
  • Serve in a management role over one other programmer
Adam Hoeksema — Adam Hoeksema
Flagship Enterprise Center
(Loan Program Manager)
David is an excellent developer, communicator, and a trustworthy partner on any project I have worked with him on. I have been working with David for over 12 months now, and he has consistently executed in a timely and professional manner. He doesn't take short cuts. He is well organized which allows him to provide realistic expectations for project timelines. David has helped our organization develop a software tool that is now our major competitive advantage over our competition. I strongly recommend David for your project.

Musik and Film Radio Promotions - an email marketing engine

Musik and Film runs an email marketing program that markets musicians to radio stations. I reworked their backend sending and analytics engine, improving speed, ease of use, and maintainability.

  • Rebuilt with Django, the Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework, Django Rest Framework, Mithril.js
  • Deployed to a Linode running Arch Linux
  • Optimised Sendgrid integration to greatly speed up email sending
  • Admin interface allows employees to set up email blasts and view reports of results
  • Now maintaining and tweaking as a retainer
Stephen Wrench — Stephen Wrench
Musik and Film (President)
David has provided redesign and support for our radio promotions program for a year now. David has worked on redesign, hosting and support services. We have found David to always be very responsive when any issues arose. He quickly solved any issues we had. We highly recommend David and applaud his level of professionalism.

Conferam - a webapp powering intelligent online discussion

Conferam is a new web startup founded by Andrew Fennig. Over the course of six months we designed and I built the first version of the app. I was the lead programmer and also managed another junior programmer. I also managed the deployment server.

  • Built with Django, the Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework, Django Rest Framework, Knockout.js
  • Deployed to a Linode running Arch Linux
  • Bookmarklet allows annotating articles on external sites for import into the user's library
  • Discussion interface allows users to start discussions based on their collected articles
  • Extensive search allows users to find discussions by a number of criteria
Andrew Fennig — Andrew Fennig
Conferam (founder)
David is a consummate technologist with a passion for clean, elegant code. He understands business requirements quickly and has a knack for usability, thinking several steps ahead of the code he is working on at any moment. When faced with a new technology challenge, David is a quick study and demonstrates a mastery of new skills. He would be a great asset to any freelance development project.

Body Glove Mobile - an e-commerce site for Fellowes Inc.

BodyGloveMobile.com sells iPhone cases. I was the lead programmer and worked with several other developers to complete the final site.

  • Built with Django
  • Integration with Fellowes' provided checkout system
  • Product catalog with menu and search navigation
  • Multiple design-heavy marketing pages with custom widgets
  • Product viewer allows changing images and colors dynamically
  • Review system
  • Admin backend for product and review management

Rush Locks & Keys - a custom e-commerce platform for aftermarket locks & keys

Rush Locks & Keys was my first large-scale site. I wrote all of the code (including frontend and backend) and managed the server on which it was deployed.

  • Built with Django and the Stripe Payment Processor
  • Written completely from scratch
  • Admin backend for managing orders, products
  • Navigation by search and drilldown menus
  • Multiple design iterations, some designed by me

A1 Security Manufacturing - a product catalog for a locksmith supply company

A1 Security designs and produces a variety of locksmith tools and supplies. One of the biggest challenges was taking data that was previously only in spreadsheets and product brochures and importing it into the Django framework.

  • Built with Django
  • Large product catalog imported by custom scripts
  • Navigation by search and drilldown menus
  • Frontend built from provided mockups

Lift-A-Loft - a marketing site for an aerial lift manufacturing company

LiftALoft.com designs and manufactures aerial lifts, including the stair platform for Air Force One.

  • Built with Django
  • Large product catalog imported by custom scripts
  • Navigation by search and category pages
  • Frontend built from provided mockups

Ludum Dare Games - entries in a 48 hour make-a-game-in-a-weekend contest

LudumDare is a triannual video game-making contest. Participants have 48 hours to make a video game (mostly) from scratch. I have participated in every contest since 2012, and mostly use Javascript and HTML5 Canvas to make games. Entries include:

  • Super Agent Run - as a parkour-skilled spy, alert the king before enemy armies arrive
  • Acorn Hunter 5000 - as a squirrel, gather acorns before getting caught by the hunter and dogs
  • Snowman Attack - defend your secret from the approaching snowman army
  • Alien Punch! - as a space giant, defend earth from the alien swarm